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Search Engine Optimization Services: Tricks and Tips

In the emerging world of e-commerce and e-business, marketing through internet has evolved as a quintessential tactics to attract attention of the public. As there are numerous websites and web pages created day by day, to get noted by the online seekers is a Herculean task to achieve. For that the websites should be unique and attractive so that they select a particular website over the other. Initially this was not considered as an important part of internet marketing but with the wide use of technology, the site owners identified the value of having their sites highly visible and ranked in the search engine results. This opens the wide gamut of opportunity to Search Engine Optimization Services.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a powerful web marketing technique which helps the websites to make a better ranking and visibility in the web-world. This technique helps the websites to emerge as the top results for a query given in the search engines. When the website is in the top search result list, it will be more opted by the information seekers and thus the websites will be more marketed and will get more visitors.

SEO is all about making small modification to your websites in an incremental manner. If it is viewed stage by stage the modifications are simple and little but when viewed in totality it can make a great deal of impact on the viewer. Even if it is all about prioritizing the website in search engines, the main concern here is the user. In order to make your website visible the precedence should be given to the visitors' interest and views as they are the consumers and consumers are always treated as king in any kind of marketing. Thus SEO helps in putting the best foot of your website forward. It should be noted that SEO helps in better visibility of websites in organic or unpaid search results.

To facilitate optimization, it is crucial to know about the working of search engines. The basic functions done by the different search engines are same. The activities done by the search engines in order to get the search results are crawling, indexing, processing, relevancy calculation and retrieving. First a software in search engines called crawlers or spiders will crawl through the web to see what is there. It follows links from one page to another and index whatever content it finds in the way so as to retrieve later. The indexed page is stored in a huge database. Actually this indexing is done in such a way that the spider identifies the words and expressions that best describes the page or site and stores it under a particular keyword. So if better optimization is done in selecting the words and expressions the spider will better identify your website. Thus keywords become a vital part in optimizing. When a search request comes in the search engine, it will try to match the search string with the indexed pages in the data base. As there can be countless pages having the same string, the search engine try to prioritize or rank the pages by calculating its relevancy. The relevancy calculations are done by using algorithms and different search engines rely on different types of algorithms. Each algorithm has particular weightings for ranking. This is the reason why the search results for same requests become different for different search engines. For example for Google search engine, links are vital tool for ranking while for Yahoo it is the on-page keyword factors that are of primary importance. Likewise each search engine has different ways for prioritizing and in order to conquer more than one search engine you need to optimize your website watchfully. Also the search engines change their algorithms periodically and so it is essential to update your websites to gear up to the top rankings. After prioritizing, the retrieval process is done which is displaying the end result in highest to lowest ranking sites. By now you will be clear that the search engines give emphasis on the keywords present in the content of the site. The other cue factors are the number of links to the particular website, link quality, internet site linking structure and the age of the site.

SEO can be done using different methods. They are:
  • Creating suitable and accurate page titles- The title should properly indicate the content of the page which makes the spider to easily identify the page. Brief and descriptive titles can be used.
  • Use description meta tags- The summary of what the page is all about can be provided through the page's description meta tags. As the title may be short and crisp, a description meta tag can contain a few sentences about the content in the page. This will act as a snippet i.e., the text that is displayed below the title of the webpage in search result page which is in match with the search query given by the users.
  • Use properly structured URLs- It is always helpful if the URLs are simple to understand. This will convey the information contained in the web pages more easily and precisely. Also it helps in the better crawling by the search engines. If the URLs contain the words specified in the query it will get more priority.
  • Provide cross linking- Cross linking can be given between the pages in the same website so that important pages will contain more links and thus improves the visibility. Easy-to-flow internal linking structure can make the user and the search engine to quickly find the internal links of the websites.
  • Provide content optimization- For the success of the search engine marketing, optimized and relevant content is necessary. The content should be designed in such a manner that it should contain frequently searched keyword phrase. This will keep the website in top priority.
  • Provide design optimization- Proper website design optimization can be given for better accessibility of the site. Graphics and layouts give the web pages an attractive and understandable format which appeals more to the web users.

Search engine optimization can be done by site-owners themselves or it can be outsourced. On outsourcing the SEO service, professional and expert optimization of the websites can be done. Nowadays there are many SEO firms which provide efficient and effective designing of your websites which makes it unique from the competitors. They help in updating the pages according to the changing algorithms used by the search engines and help your website to grasp the top status of the search results.

The top companies providing SEO services in India are:

As every technology, SEO techniques also have positive as well as negative aspect. This technology is also manipulated in many ways. On this basis SEO techniques can be classified into White Hat SEO and Unethical SEO. As the name indicates White Hat SEO refers to the good practice methods to achieve high search engine rankings while Unethical SEO refers to gaining the high ranking using unethical methods. Although Unethical SEO can bring short term positive impact, for long term it can turn out to be disastrous to your website and to your business. These are actually banned by the search engines unlike White Hat SEO. On detecting such malpractices, the site or page will be banned, de-indexed or penalized through lower rankings. Thus only White Hat SEO can bring a long term benefit to the site owners.

Some Unethical techniques commonly used are:
  • Hiding contents- There will be contents in the disguised manner stuffed under keywords which is invisible to the users.
  • Keyword stuffing- This includes filling the meta tag with unnecessary keywords.
  • Link farming- Link farms links the page to unrelated sites which can dangerous to the existence of your own website.

Some of the White Hat SEO techniques are:
  • Keyword research and its effective use
  • Analysis
  • Relevant meta tags
  • Quality content
  • Quality inbound links etc.
In this fast moving technology-cladded web world, to get noticed needs great effort. Search Engine Optimization services helps your website to gain the deserving recognition in the web world along with opening the wide arena of marketing and business.

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