Saturday, April 9, 2016

Top SEO trends that will dominate the online market in 2016

With the increased usage of internet marketing these days, Search Engine Optimization has emerged as one of the most utilized strategy to market your companies in a global scenario. New trends are pouring into SEO services with the major search engine Google making updates in its algorithms on a regular basis. In 2015 we had seen a large number of companies being penalized for not updating the recent updates and trends on their websites. This trend will continue in 2016.

In the coming days, chances are more for the emergence of social data to guide content creation through searches due to the wide range of changes undergone by search and content marketing worldwide. 2016 will also see the emergence of more optimized mobile apps due to the usage of smart phones by a large section of people these days. Optimization of mobile apps is highly essential as 52% of all the time that is spent on social media is consumed by these apps. When the app has certain unique and stylish features, it will attract more customers into it.

If your mobile app is designed in a perfect method with proper alignment, scrolling or navigation and proper layout then it will definitely aid in the promotion of your brand to a wider audience. The New Year will also witness the emergence of structured data which will help in strengthening the communication between your website and search engine. The intelligent way in which search engines are built makes them more prone to structured data and its usage.

Apart from this, the layout of your website will be noticed fairly well in 2016. People these days mostly look for the sites and their ease of usage with layout being a feature that catches the attention of many. A well laid site will be catchy and trendy in the perspective of a viewer. A poorly designed site with difficult navigating features will distract customers as they will not even visit the site and may turn back to the search results for an alternative option.

Companies will start to consider website development and social media marketing as an integrated whole or as two parts of a brand’s overall web presence rather than treating them as two distinct entities. According to SEO expert Jim Yu, the increased usage of social media by various firms will help in improving their online presence by a more convenient branding methodology. This is possible as 50% of the sales are mainly lost due to customers not able to find out what they are looking for in a quick manner.

These days search engines mostly opt out for websites with fast loading and easy navigation features. Sites are ranked by search engines on the basis of usability of the site by more people as focus of SEO is now on client experience. This requires more emphasis on the technical aspects which needs to be properly carried out so that your site can attain the top rankings in search engines within a short period of time. Your site will not just be in top ranks for some months, but will remain in the position once it is updated regularly with new updates.