Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Search Engine Optimization

“Internet is like an act that of a magician. The miracle that internet had made to happen is really mind boggling ones. We can find everything on internet that has put the world knowledge in a computer box”
                                     The internet had its origin in the DOD’s(Department of Defence USA) efforts to build a controller that can get entry in any network that is very broad, stubborn and sturdy. A web search engine is a software code that is designed to search for information on the WWW(World Wide Web).
                                      Search Service is a company that runs a complex programme to keep track of all sites propping up on the internet. Users can access a service’s listings to try to find sites of interest by using keywords and names .For  example ,if you wanted to see what types of sites the internet had to offer on Mark Twain, you might visit the Yahoo! site(at Once you’re there, you simply type ‘Mark Twain’ in the search window and get away you go. Yahoo! was one of the first, and is still one of the dimple interface and friendly demeanor.                                                       

                                    Your request for sites about Mark Twain should bring back a list of possible sites .If they’re not exactly what you were looking for, you might try to narrow your search parameters; most search services make it easy to do.
                                    If you’re having difficulty with a search or if you just want to find an interesting topic, most search services now offer directories for you to browse through. In a directory, you can pick a general topic and work your way down to a specific site .For example, you could pick the general category of health, then pick out a particular hospital’s website. Directories are very easy to use and can lead to some great discoveries .Some search services even provide reviews and ratings of website.
                                   It’s usually pretty easy to find a search service, and most web browsers offer their own list at the start page or through a button on the browser. 

                                   URL stands for universal resource locator ,which is a fancy way of saying “internet address” .URL’s are those long strings of text that are popping up in everything  from newspaper articles to television commercials, asking you to visit a certain website. URL’s usually start with “http”; have a mess of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks in the middle; and include a three letter combination such as .EDU or .COM or .ORG at the end.
                                   By typing a complete URL into the appropriate window of a web browser, you can jump instantly to a new site on the internet .Just like a real-life address, it’s very important to make sure you enter a URL; otherwise it’s likely you’ll end up in the wrong place.
                                     Most on-line companies also offer their own gateways to the internet. The main difference between the internet and the commercial on-line services is that no single person or company owns the internet, so there is nobody in charge of content.

                                      Since nobody owns the internet, you don’t have to pay for its use. However you have to pay to connect it. This is where internet Service Providers (ISPs) come into play. They provide the link between your computer and the rest of the internet .An ISP has absolutely no control over the content of the internet .Companies own and operate the commercial services. They work to create the content, monitor activity, and provide services that users won’t find on the internet .Commercial services also offer monitored chat rooms ,where people can have a real-time discussions under the watchful eye of the company’s censors. If people in a chat-room get out of line and use forbidden words or phrases, they are checked at once. Hypertext Mark Language is a language of the World Wide Web .You can use HTML to create the instructions that tell a web browser and your computer to display a web page. You can add HTML tags to plain text files to create things such as headlines and other page elements. One of the most important elements of HTML is the fact that any browser, on any computer, can read and interpret it.
                                      Optimal URLs do play a role in SEO. Words in URLs gives the search engines another algorithmic insight into the types of searches the page would be relevant for. Customers reviewing their search results can see the URL displayed and get information regarding the page they are in need of .Optimal URL is simple to understand and unique. They are static, short and relevant. Optimal URL length is subjective, for making them relevant .URL’s are one of the many factors that make up search engines various algorithms.URL optimization can give you a edge over larger and stronger brands.

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